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PCB-based SPI driver needed for IPC on Kinetis

Question asked by Ralph Maas on Sep 24, 2013



I've developed a solution using the IPC component to connect 2 Kinetis processors using a NULL-modem connection. Now I need to reconfigure this setup to use SPI (one Kinetis in master and the other one in slave mode) and for that I need a PCB-based SPI driver capable of using master and slave mode.


Can anyone tell me if this driver is available and where to find it. If it is nog available (and I have to develop it myself) can anyone direct me to a good starting place for developing PCB-based drivers?


If PCB-based is not really an option I can also develop my own mechanism for the IPC protocol implementation. For that I also need a good starting point.


Can anyone help me to get on track?


Kind regards,