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First board Kinetis K60

Question asked by Mateusz Paczynski on Sep 23, 2013
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I am amatour robot designer. In my short live I build a lot of different construction for example robot arm , propeller clock , microsumo robot, minisumo robot (btw. my last minisumo (Mirror) robot won the European robot competition in third place). All of this construction connect one thing. This is the CPU. I used to use Atmega CPUs ,but today I am going to change my preferences to Freescale CPUs. Three days ago I sarted design new board where the CPU will be MK60DN512VLL10. I have got some troubles. Firstly I couldn`t find any library of this CPU to Altium Designer (but I designe new library in my own). Second problem is that I can`t find any datasheet ,only one I found have got only 70 pages and I haven`t got there any informations about: How to programm this CPU ? What functions have right pins (I don`t know how to write it in english. I mean for example PTE5). What is the minimum connection of the processor outputs ?

I need some examples of board with this CPU.

I will be greatful for any help. Z góry dziękuję.