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Camera preview not working on imx6 sololite android 4.04

Question asked by ritesh raj on Sep 22, 2013

Hi i am working on imx6 solo lite custom board which contains a monochrome parallel interface camera sensor. i am using android 4.04 bsp for this.

When trying to enable camera preview i am able to get the frame from the driver but i am not able to get camera preview through camera app. i am using standard camera hal provided with android 4.04 with Anativewindow concept. While debuging i found i am able to get the buffer in camera hal but when i am trying to enqueue the buffer to display adapter i am getting this error E/SurfaceTexture( 2102): [SurfaceView] error creating EGLImage: 0x300c please help me out, i am totally clueless about the issue. i am attaching the detail log.

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