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Freescale Freedom Development Libraries

Question asked by Anthony Scranney on Sep 22, 2013
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The Kinetis devices were mentioned to me by a teacher as the course I am currently undertaking, is thinking of switching over to these in the future.  We currently use TI's MSP430 and Stellaris MCU's, but the Stellaris has been phased out and the new Tiva series does not incorporate ethernet.


I have a few questions regarding the Kinetis development boards, so thought I would ask them here:


1) Do the Kinetis devices come with a set of libraries enabling I2C, SPI functionality out of the box?


2) Is there a development board that incorporates an onboard LCD?


3) Are there any plans to supply Ethernet libraries and development board with ethernet capability?


I am just enquiring at the moment and will probably buy a Freescale device in the near future, as always good to see how different device manufactures do things.


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