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Why MX6Q PMIC i2c access failed after entered linux kernel

Question asked by raymond wang on Sep 21, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2013 by raymond wang

My sabresd based new custom board, kernel report error:

mc_pfuze 1-0008: recv failed!:-5,0

mc_pfuze: probe of 1-0008 failed with error -5

Hardware reset to PMIC, boot loader can probe PMIC properly:

Found PFUZE100! deviceid=10,revid=11


Because our linux system software reset is WDOG based, it won't reset PMIC.

After reset ,boot loader will not report PFUZE100 found. Strange issue, Why?

With oscilloscope support, I found the PFUZE100 i2c access failed with no ACK in 9th i2c clk.

Anyone ever encounter issue like this?