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Newbie: Problem using MC13192 on AVR AT90CAN128

Discussion created by Ravi Pathak on Jul 25, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2011 by Gustavo Spadari
I am new to this forum and new to the embedded world. My sincere apologies if this is not the right place for posting my query .
I have one AVR AT90CAN128 MCU which drives an MC13192 radio. I want to port one application which was written for freescale HCS08 MCU using SMAC onto my AVR MCU. The following code is developed using AVR Studio 4 and WinAVR.
Here in this code, i am trying to reset the transceiver and then calling one Init_MC13192() function. I have tried to port the MC13192Init(), the one mentioned in MC13192_hw_config.c.
After doing that i am trying to send one register address with read access to read the contents of that register like

  SPI_DATA_REGISTER = reg_address;   /* place register address on MOSI*/
  while(!(SPSR &(1<<SPIF));          /* Wait for transmission to complete */
  receive_data = SPI_DATA_REGISTER;  /* Read the SPI data register to obtain received data*/

I have to call the above routine three times to obtain the contents of the corresponding register. Am i missing something? I am not able to receive anything from transceiver side.
#define F_CPU 16000000L   /* MCU Clock Speed */
#define SPI_PORT PORTB    /* Define SPI port */
#define SS PB0            /* The SPI Slave Select Bit */
unsigned char Rx_SPI[2];
uint16_t delay_count;
uint8_t temp;
void delay(uint8_t ms)
   uint16_t cnt;
   asm volatile (
   "L_dl1%=:" "\n\t"
   "mov %A0, %A2" "\n\t"
   "mov %B0, %B2" "\n"
   "L_dl2%=:" "\n\t"
   "sbiw %A0, 1" "\n\t"
   "brne L_dl2%=" "\n\t"
   "dec %1" "\n\t"
   "brne L_dl1%=" "\n\t"
   : "=&w" (cnt)
   : "r" (ms), "r" (delay_count)
void ZB_Reset()
        DDRD  |= (1 << DDD7) | (1 << DDD1) ; //Set Direction register as output
    PORTD = (0 << PD7); //Resetting the ZB chip by pulling low RST pin
    PORTD = (1 << PD7); //Set to normal mode ZB chip to pulling high
void SPI_MasterInit(void)
   /* Set MISO MOSI and SCK output, all others input */
   DDRB |= (0<<DDB3)|(1<<DDB2)|(1<<DDB1)|(1<<DDB0);
   /* Enable SPI, Master, set clock rate fck/16 */
   SPCR = (1<<SPE)|(1<<MSTR)|(1<<SPR0);
uint8_t SPI_SingularTransaction(uint8_t data)
  SPDR = data;
  while(!(SPSR &(1<<SPIF)));
  return SPDR;
void SPIDrvWrite(uint8_t reg_address, uint16_t reg_data)
  uint8_t reg_data_high = reg_data >> 8;
  uint8_t reg_data_low = reg_data;
  SPI_PORT = (1<<SS); /* Pull the slave select line low to start the transmission */

  /* 3 SPI Bursts for one transaction */
  temp = SPI_SingularTransaction(reg_address);
  temp = SPI_SingularTransaction(reg_data_high);
  temp = SPI_SingularTransaction(reg_data_low);
  SPI_PORT = (0<<SS); /* Pull the slave select line high to end the transaction */
void SPIDrvRead(uint8_t reg_address)
  reg_address |= 0x80;                         /* set MSB to 1 for read access*/
  SPI_PORT = (1<<SS);
  temp = SPI_SingularTransaction(reg_address);
  Rx_SPI[0] = SPI_SingularTransaction(0xFF);   /* Read the received 16 bit data in Rx_SPI */
  Rx_SPI[1] = SPI_SingularTransaction(0xFF);
  SPI_PORT = (0<<SS);
void Init_MC13192()
    SPIDrvWrite(0x11,0x80FF);   /* Eliminate Unlock Conditions due to L01 */
    SPIDrvWrite(0x1B,0x8000);   /* Disable TC1. */
    SPIDrvWrite(0x1D,0x8000);   /* Disable TC2. */
    SPIDrvWrite(0x1F,0x8000);   /* Disable TC3. */
    SPIDrvWrite(0x21,0x8000);   /* Disable TC4. */
    SPIDrvWrite(0x07,0x0E00);   /* Enable CLKo in Doze */
    SPIDrvWrite(0x0C,0x0300);   /* IRQ pull-up disable. */
    SPIDrvRead(0x25);           /* Sets the reset indicator bit */
    SPIDrvWrite(0x04,0xA08D);   /* New cal value */
    SPIDrvWrite(0x08,0xFFF7);   /* Preferred injection */
    SPIDrvWrite(0x05,0x8351);   /* Acoma, TC1, Doze, ATTN masks, LO1, CRC */
    SPIDrvWrite(0x06,0x4720);   /* CCA, TX, RX, energy detect */
    /* Read the status register to clear any undesired IRQs. */
    SPIDrvRead(0x24);           /* Clear the status register, if set */
    //gu8RTxMode = IDLE_MODE;   /* Update global to reflect MC13192 status */
void main()
        uint8_t reg;
        delay_count = F_CPU/4000;
        reg = 0x30;  /* BER_Enable register. The default register value after reset is 0x0004*/
        SPI_MasterInit(); /*Initialize the MCU SPI port*/
 asm volatile ("nop" : : );