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MCF52252 start and debug problems

Question asked by Marco Maioli on Sep 19, 2013

Hi all
We have two board. One with MCF52259 and one with MCF52252.
These board have the same hardware: we are mounted the minimum configuration system:
- power supply;
- clkmode in 48MHz external oscillator;
- deasserted the pins "TEST" and "RCON".

We download the firmware the two micros in the same way, with PE Micro USB ColdFire Multilink.
With MCF52259 we load the file Freescale_52259_1x32x128k.cfp while with MCF52252 we load Freescale_52252_1x32x64k.cfp (downloaded from PE Micro site).
We loaded a little application that initialize the Port C for lights one led. This led is connected at the same pin of this Port on both board. The application is the same, but is builded for the MCF52259, in the first case, for the MCF52252 in the second.
In both case we check that if firmware is loaded (with Verify Module) and all is ok.
When we restarted the boards, there was two different behavior:
- the board with the MCF52259 ligths the led, as programmed;
- the board with the MCF52252 doesn't work.

We have done another test: we have built the application for the MCF52252 and we have loaded it on MCF52259 board. When we restarted the board the leds run correct. We have done that becouse for us is the same core family.

We don't understand why the MCF52252 don't run.

Attached the configuration and the application file

Thaks for support

Best regards
Maioli Marco

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