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K60, LCD and Basic 3D

Question asked by weblar on Sep 19, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2013 by weblar

I'm looking for advice and tips on how I can achieve some very basic 3D rendering with a 150MHz K60 which has an external 2mb SRAM and LCD display, both connected via the FlexBus.


So far I've found a number of tutorials for starting a software 3D engine however these tutorials are written for Windows applications and rely on huge frame and z-buffers. Obviously with the K60 and my setup, I don't have that luxury. I did find a tutorial on YouTube which demonstrated a spinning cube on a Texas Instruments processor using a very small frame buffer which I managed to get running on the Kinetis but I'm just unsure as to how this could be taken forward and developed.


Ideally, I would be able to allocate all of the SRAM space to a back buffer but as it shares the FlexBus with the LCD, I'm concerned that access time will greatly slow down the refresh rate - I'm hoping (more praying) for about 30fps.


Could anyone please provide any tips for any of the above?


Thank you in advance,