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MX23 Battery Charger Current Limit

Question asked by Robert Schwebel on Sep 19, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2015 by Kölbl Michael

We are trying to get the charging unit on i.MX23 SoC to work. Principally it does its job.


The i.MX23 limits its current consumption to about 400 mA .. 500 mA from the 5V input, while the setting in the "CHARGE_4P2_ILIMIT=0x3ff" is 780 mA. The charging current for the LiPo battery "BATTCHRG_I=0x300" is set to 600 mA, but the battery does not draw this current (it only draws about 300 mA; this value is all right, because the battery is almost  full).


Problem is, when the system load increases (for example playing a movie with 100 % CPU load), not the overall SoC input current increases, the battery charge current decreases instead (without changing the register settings). Note: at this point of time the temperature monitor still reports sane SoC temperatures.

Is there a know limit for the input current? I did not find any hint in the "Chip Errata for the IMX23" document.