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CodeWarrior USB TAP, Windows 7 and Flash Programmer

Question asked by Marianna Buschle on Sep 18, 2013
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I have CodeWarrior 7.3 installed on a Windows 7 machine and was able to get the USB TAP up and running by following AN4338.


I have now tried to install the standalone Flash Programmer 1.2 because I need some batch scripts to write different Srec files to different memory areas in my board (a 56F8366).

During the installation it complained about the drivers.

When I try to run it it erases the Flash and then gives a "CCCSClient::WriteMemoryDirect: Core not responding" message.

Loading through CodeWarrior works fine.


I have tried substituting the ccs folder with the ccs folder from my CodeWarrior installation and still nothing.


I have also tried the ccs folder from this post: Problem with CodeWarrior USB TAP and Win 7.

Still the same...


Thank you

Marianna S. Buschle