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In K60DN512VMD100, SIM_SOPT6 exists or not?  And two copies of PE_low_level_init ?

Question asked by JOHN ADAMSON on Sep 18, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2013 by Santiago Gonzalez Fabian

I'm trying to bring up my own design and cloned a BSP for the Tower Kit K60DN512VMD100.  I'm building under GCC, and MQX 4.0.2.


During startup, I end up in the default ISR.  Tracing, I found that I jump there while in PE_low_level_init, while stepping over code that sets PMC_LVDSC1. 


The line just previous to that, however, sets SIM_SOPT6 = 0x00U.  Curiously, the documentation for the K60 (RM rev 2, June 2012) has no SOPT6, just 5 and 7. 


What gives?  Is MQX writing to an unsupported register?  Or just an undocumented one?


Also, I've noted that there are two functions called "PE_low_level_init", one in "bsp_cm.c" and one in Cpu.c in "Generated Code", although it should be noted that both set SIM_SOPT6.  Have I done something to screw up the BSP ?  It appears that the "Generated Code" version appears to win, or is at least what Eclipse tells me is being executed during stepping.