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MPC8641-HPCN Evaluation board Flash is Not Erasing

Question asked by Ashish Khetan on Sep 18, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2013 by Ashish Khetan

Hii I am using MPC8641-HPCN board for evaluation purpose. I am Trying to Interface AT49BV6416 Flash through Local bus controller. I am using two flash connected so that port size is 32 bit. The Input clock SYSCLK is 100Mhz, MPX 400Mhz, CORE 800Mhz

I used the following Register configuration:


BR0 FF001801

OR0 FF006FF7

LBCR 00000000

LCRR 80000008


So the Local Bus is working at 25Mhz. I dont understand what went wrong its reading but not getting erase/write? I am using code warrior for bring up purpose. Any pointer/clue or any thing that will help to understand and implement this will be helpful.



Thanks in Advance..