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How to use BDM on S12XDP512 when the IVBR points to vect table in RAM

Discussion created by pavol puffler on Jul 25, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2007 by kef
Hi forum,

we have a problem to get right interrupts while BDM debugging
when the vector table is relocated into RAM.

The interrupts seems to be eaten somewhere.

Reading the MC9S12XDP512 Data Sheet, Rev. 2.15 on the page 601
there is sentence:
"Note: If the BDM is active (i.e., the CPU is in the process of executing BDM firmware code),
 the contents of IVBR are ignored and the upper byte of the vector address is fixed as “0xFF”.

My question is :
How to get the relocated interrupt vectors running when a BDM debugger is used? 

Thanks for your help in advance