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kl25z VLPS Mode Wake Up

Question asked by asdasd aram on Sep 17, 2013
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Hello, im using 8.4.2 Example 2: Functionality of UART0 in VLPS mode . That Example is in KLQRUG Peripheral Module user guide. I can enter the VLPS Mode with writing an 'e' at the terminal but then the uart expects 0x81 or 0xAA to wake up from VLPS. How i can send that with the keyboard. And in VLPS mode the Power consumption is 5 mA. its too much. The Data Sheet says 16 µA at 25* Celsius. How i could wake up from that with the UART.Maybe someone has another example?.


I tried the Low Power demo example and measured the Current. The Consumption of VLPR at 4 MHz for instance is 2.3 mA. It should be less a mA i think?? Whats wrong with it.


Thanks for Help and Tipps.