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Linux auto reboot when temperature is high

Question asked by weiqing on Sep 17, 2013



I'm using the Freescale Linux 3.0.35_4.0.0 BSP on our customized board.

Our i.MX6 solo/dual board will auto reset while running the memtester (the memory test tool).

I use a multimeter to measure the temperature of i.MX6x processor, and I find out whenever it resets the temperature reaches over 72 Celsius degree (CPU surface temperature).

Afterwards start Linux again in U-Boot, Linux will autoreset after "calling  init_per_zone_wmark_min+0x0/0x90" (full booting log is in attachment).


I've done another experiment by cooling the board with fan. the CPU surface temperature remains about 40 Celsius degree, and Linux boot success and memtester without problem.

Also, by accident I find out, if the PCIe is disabled completely the Linux will run without problem too.


I'm not sure if the reset is caused by some high-temperature protection feature in the BSP, or caused by memory unstable when temperature goes high.


Does anyone has a similar problem? Thanks in advance.

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