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how to add an assembly file to a project with MQX3.8

Question asked by chen chao on Sep 17, 2013

hi eveyone

      i added an assembly file(fir32_emac.s) to a project with MQX3.8, but failed.who can tell me why?

then, i add fir32_emac.s to MQX3.8 BSP and create a project with MQX3.8 to call the fuction in fir32_emac.s file.

There's no error in the course of running the project i have created. The problem is that the result is not correct,
the project will call the fuction "_task_exit_function_internal "  , i dont kown why. 

     My cpu is MCF54418 and the software platform i used is CodeWarrior v7.2. the fir32_emac.s was downloaded from

     thanks a lot! 

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