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OV5640 MIPI interface camera on a iMX6 processor

Question asked by Vasan V S on Sep 16, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2019 by jc victor



We are trying to interface OV5640 camera using the MIPI interface on to a iMX6 processor.


We find that the camera is getting correctly detected in i2C with the correct I2C id (as 0x3c). We found this out by running the i2c detect command and it reports the 3C device on the i2C bus it has been connected.


However, when booting the image (We are using the standard OV5640 device driver that is coming with Linux kernel 3.x), we get the following error message:

ov5640_read_reg: write reg error:reg=300a

ov5640_probe: cannot find camera


On inspecting the code, we find that this error message is coming because of the fact either the i2c read was not successful or the value in the register address 300a was not 0x56. Since we are able to detect this device successfully in i2c detect, can we safely assume that there is no problem in reading on i2c bus?


If this is a correct assumption, what could be the issue for this failure? Any inputs on this will be much appreciated.


Thanks in advance