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HELP : Code Warrior pops up window for censor code for TRK-USB-MPC5643L

Question asked by Danish Hasan on Sep 13, 2013

i have TRK_USB_MP5643L board and when i try to connet it in my code warrior IDE it pops up a window asking for its censor code. i have another board with MPC5643L controller(custom but same debug connections etc) and it gave the same error but after correctly it power supply it started working smoothly. now, what is the problem with this USB board because it has all update drivers and i updated its OSBDM firmware as well. please help we got 4 such boards in the company and they are trash unless i get them to working.





[Solved] problem is with my usb connection. although board powers up, it does not completely work without a sound connection. new cable solved the problem