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Freescale MQX technical training slides to help learn MQX

Discussion created by Steve Janisch on Sep 13, 2013
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Yes I've spent a lot of time with moth the User Guide and Reference Manual (I'm still evaluating 4.0 at this time... mainly doing performance testing of the RTOS for potential use of a new product line).  In fact I quoted it in the original post -- the bits don't have much explanation.


I'm not about to criticize the Freescale manuals in this forum.  They are typical of the industry and for the most part more than adequate.  Beside that I'm an understanding sort of guy -- I'll admit the documentation I put out is usually late and could be a whole lot better.  I'll admit I could look through the MQX code and probably find the answers myself, although sometimes it is far easier to just search the community or post a question hoping someone else already asked it or has done the research enough to answer.


Please don't think this is a criticism of anyone -- I am very happy with the responses I have gotten from the forum, but of the two answers I got from Freescale, yours was far more useful.  The old axiom of a picture being worth a thousand words really holds here.  I know I can do a detailed exegesis of the code and figure it out.  It is just incredibly time consuming to have to do this every time a question comes up.  Of course anything is useful, and Martin's, for example, would have VERY MUCH helped me in that he narrowed where I would have to look.


So back to your slide... it has a page number 54, implying that it is part of a larger document that maybe even has more incredibly concise yet detailed explanations of things.  If something like this exists, I think many people would find it incredibly useful!


I could probably spend a few minutes (hours?, days?) trying to find the doc, but was wondering if it was posted already somewhere (again, just easier to ask than to search.


But again, thanks to all responses.  It is an incredibly good source of information!