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MPVZ4006 Output resolution

Question asked by John Teller on Sep 13, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2013 by John Teller

Hi there,


I have purchased a MPVZ4006 pressure IC. My question is what is the actual output resolution of the IC is in mV, or in other words what is the resolution of the pressure (smallest unit that can be read) in Pa.


I understand that using a 10 bit ADC I can theoretically get a resolution of 6kPa/(2^10bit)=5.86 Pa. This corresponds to an IC output voltage resolution of 4.48mV approx.


So with a 12 bit ADC I would get a theoretical resolution of 1.46 Pa, corresponding to IC output voltage resolution of 1.12mV.


But will the IC actually be able to display such small increments?


So I guess my question is whether the IC itself has a minimum resolution and if so what is it?