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Increase interframe delay for FEC tx

Question asked by eph on Sep 11, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2014 by Yixing Kong

Hi, We've got a product running 3.0.35 kernel on iMX6 Solo. This product transmits quite a lot of UDP data in bursts to a multicast address. We also got a switch used with this product (which we can't replace). The problem is that the switch starts dropping frames when we put this product and its previous version on the same switch. It seems that the switch can't handle these bursts of UDP traffic. If I use different switch it helps. When I put little delay in fec driver, the problem goes away. But putting delays in the driver doesn't seem like a good idea. I tried to find if it's possible to somehow maybe configure this but failed. So what do you think would be the proper solution?