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Kinetis K10 SAI/I2S + DMA RX

Question asked by nlemoz on Sep 11, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2013 by Monica Arvizu

Hi Everyone,

Trying to get the kinetis K10 to do DMA with TX and RX.


I am using processor expert with mqxlite.

The chip is MK10DN64.


What works:

SSI_LDD TX and RX without DMA.



What doesn;t work


I get buffers returned to me by the I2S driver but they are always completely filled with 0 even though GetReceivedDataNum returns the correct number of bytes.


I am using an 8 KHz 16 bit stereo stream.

The kinetis is generating the MCLK and the codec is generating bit and frame clocks.

The frame and bit clocks are shared between RX and TX.


I have not touched the driver code at all, just using what processor expert generates.


I've noticed that processor expert gives you a lot of latitude in choosing DMA settings even though many combinations will not work.

Does any body have any advice on which settings I might have configured incorrectly?


One other question....


Should this question be in the processor expert forum instead?


Thanks in Advance.