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I2C1 interface for two devices on I.MX28

Question asked by srinivasan shanmugam on Sep 11, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2014 by srinivasan shanmugam

Dear I.MX Community,


As am new to this I.MX28 EVK & using ltib source, firstly I would like to validate the exisitng I2c interfaced peripherals on I.MX28 EVK, so could anybody please kindly let me know what are all the peripherals that is being interfaced to I2C in I.MX28 EVK & how to validate the same


I need to interface two devices ie., CAT24C08 (EEPROM) & PCF8563(RTC) on the same I2C1 bus in I.MX28, could anybody please kindly let me know how to get started in modifying the existing driver code as soon as possible,


Any help would be greatly appreciated


Kindly awaiting for your replies

Many Many Thanks in advance,