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TIM16B8CV2 override mode

Question asked by huguesangelis on Sep 11, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2013 by Edward Karpicz

Hi all.


Here are questions about TIM in 9s12 and especialy about the OC7M and OC7D registers.


First question :

Looking at datasheet (S12XS Family reference manual Rev 1.13) page 474, the table 16-10 shows : TC7>TCX or TC7=TCX.

But output compare mode explanations (page 485) talk about channel 7 event (either overflow of free running counter if TTOV7 is set or succesfull output compare) that trigger override mode.


Therefore i don't understand witch one is true. I believe that there is a mistake page 474 and that the right text should be TC7 not equal to TCNT or TC7=TCNT.


Second question :

Also what does mean OC7Dx + OMx/OLx (page 474) I believe it means that first IOCx = OC7Dx and then the value is affected by OMx/OLx if TCx = TCNT.

Am I right ?


Thank to all.