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SPI with Multiple Devices (One is an SD Card)

Question asked by Alessandro Vagniluca on Sep 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2014 by Daniel Chai

I am developin my application with CW 10.4 and MQX 4.0.2 on my K60-base custom board.

I used SPIMaster_LDD in my BSP to communicate with 2 data-flash memories through SPI0 in Mode-3.

Now I was asked to add an SD card connected to the same SPI0 bus and to mount a file system on it.

I have 2 problem to face:

  1. For SD card the SPI0 bus must be configured in a different way (Mode-0 with different baud rate)
  2. There is a MQX sample code for using MFS on a SD card with SPI, but that code is not based on a BSP library generated with Processor Expert, i.e. the demo uses the MQX IO SPI Driver.


Should I use MQX IO SPI driver in my BSP for all thedevices connected to the SPI0 bus?