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Application/Bootloader stack size

Question asked by eran yasso on Sep 10, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2013 by eran yasso

Hi all,


I recently finished development of firmware upgrade for MC9S08DZ60 using bootloader using UART via GPRS modem.
My application works great with stack size of 0x280 bytes.
My bootloader has stack size of 0x250 bytes.
I have noticed weird behavior in my application when it is loaded from BL:
I have the following stack:


typedef struct _MODEM_RESPONSE


    byte PrevLen;

    byte WaitForRestOfMessage:1;

    byte ResponseIndex;

    byte Response[MODEM_RESPONSE_BUFF_SIZE];

    byte TempResponse[MODEM_RESPONSE_BUFF_SIZE];


The weird behavior is that in some cases when I clear Response[] buff using MEMSET(), TempResponse[] buff data is being set with garbage.
I was thinking that maybe it is related to the fact that the BL stack size is small and needs to be increased. The problem is that when I set BL stack size to the same stack size of the app the application also starts having weird behaviors (UART).


Which stack size effects the app stack size, the one in the app prm or the one in the BL prm?