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Mfgtools does not create Android SD card similar to one provided in kit

Question asked by Doug Schwanke on Sep 10, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2013 by Doug Schwanke

We are attempting to recreate the Android SD card that is provided with the Sabre SDB kit.  The Freescale 8GB San Disk SD card is labeled:


Android r13.4

110-77482 A


I am using Mfgtools-Rel-13.01.00_ER_MX6Q_UPDATER that comes with the latest JB4. download.

I have the following setting in my INI file:


chip = MX6Q Linux Update



board = SabreSD



name = Android-SabreSD-SD


After running Mgftool2, I noticed that the number of partitions on the new SD card does not match the Freescale Android SD card.

  • Mfgtool creates "4" partitions.
  • The Android SD card has "5" partitions.
    • The 5th partition is a FAT and contains many Android folders including Download and Apps.
  1. Why are the number of partitions different?
  2. Who created the SD card image?