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i.mx28 gpio voltage setting?

Question asked by Dave Evans on Sep 10, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2015 by Tamilarasan E

Hi all,



I'm working on  some gpio pins that need 1.8 volts, but 2 pins won't change to 1.8 all the others have? I've set the pin as follows:

.name   = "WLAN_EN",
.id     = PINID_SAIF0_SDATA0,
.fun    = PIN_GPIO,
.strength= PAD_8MA,
.voltage= PAD_1_8V,
.drive= 1,
.data  = 1,
.output= 1,
.name = "WAN_IRQ",
.id = PINID_SSP3_MOSI,  // GPIO2_25
.fun = PIN_GPIO,
.strength = PAD_4MA,
.voltage = PAD_1_8V,
.pullup= 1,
.drive= 1,
.pull= 1,

When I measure the pins with dvm they show 3.3v?


The other pins I've set up are alternate functions and measure 1.8v as expected, is there some alternate way to set up gpio or is not possible to use 1.8v on gpio?