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MCF5213EVB - I2C Problem

Discussion created by Ralf Flechsig on Jul 24, 2007
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I'm using the MCF5213EVB with a camera that can be controlled via I2C.
The problem is, that this camera only supports a maximum I2C frequency of
10 kHz.
The ColdFire is running at 80 MHz and the maximum available divider for I2C frequency is
"3840", if I correctly understand the Ref.Man. (Chapt. 22.5.2).

What I gain is a minimum of 20.83 kHz prescaled I2C frequency, if I calculate right.

Thats too much!
Is there any thinking fault or do I really have to slow down the whole CF to communicate with
this camera?

The resulting problem (I think) is, that I always gain an "Bus Busy Interrupt" at initilization time.

Code is attached below.

and please excuse my english

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