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NFC_LDD splitting page into virtual too early?

Question asked by Marc Lindahl on Sep 9, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2013 by Vojtech Filip

I have two 16Gb, x16 Nand flash on my board and I'm setting up NFC_LDD to address the first one (since it doesn't yet support multiple chip selects).  The part has 2K + 112 pages.  The NFC_LDD is splitting this into two virtual pages.  But reading the K20P144M120SF3 manual, section 32.3.12, seems to say that virtual paging shouldn't start until the page size is >2K.  I believe they mean the page size and not adding the spare area:


"For devices with pages of 2KB and smaller, this is the physical size of the page in bytes (data bytes + ECC bytes) transferred in one page. When pages are larger than 2KB, they must be split in multiple virtual pages. In this case, the sector size is the size of the virtual page. The virtual page size is the physical size divided by the splitting factor, NFC_CFG[PAGECNT]. "


So I'm wondering, is NFC_LDD splitting this too early?


16Gbx16 organization.tiff

NFC set error2.tiff