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uTasker V1.4.2 for Kinetis

Discussion created by Mark Butcher on Sep 9, 2013
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Hi All


The uTasker Kinetis release 1.4.2 is now available. The complete release notes and software are at


The highlights are as follows:

- multiple interface and network support, including Micrel KSZ8863 SMI mode allowing using the single Ethernet controller in the Kinetis to realise 2 independent physical Ethernet connections (optionally with different MAC, IPs and/or on different VLANs)

- Emcraft board support

- ELZET80 board and module support - see As well as standard setups in the project, ELZET80 supplies application level code to fully utilise the modules' features, as well as various additional documents

- Magic frame and UDP based discovery - powerful Windows utility supplied by ELZET80 (ELZET80 Network-Utility)

- The full version contains a stand-alone web server based boot loader (on top of the SREC, USB-MSD, SD card loaders)

- Various new drivers and features as detailed in the complete release-notes


Below are some images from various board configurations running in the uTasker simulator!

Major parts of, or complete, project development and testing is possible in the Kinetis simulator environment using Microsoft VisualStudio (Free Express edition is adequate) which can greatly increase project efficiency compared to working only with embedded IDEs and debuggers.






kbedm.png    kbedm_i2c.png

ELZET80 KBED module (second with I2C bus extension module)


ELZET80 NET-K60 module with LCD and Matrix Keyboard


EMCRAFT K70F120 module and base board