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Getting started with ltib source for I.MX28:

Question asked by srinivasan shanmugam on Sep 9, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2014 by srinivasan shanmugam

Dear All,



As am newbiee to this ltib source for I.MX28, I have few questions, after following the docs from the L2.6.35_10.12.01_SDK_source_bundle.tar.gz


1. I'm confused with & uImage, & uboot.bin, & want to know the difference between the & uImage , & uboot.bin,

I hope the the uboot requires the uImage, every time but when we build using ./ltib it generates binaries in the folder /home/appusony/I.MX28/ltib/rootfs/boot,   like *.sb & other files,  Does I.MX28 EVK board takes .sb files or uboot.bin & uImage for its execution


As the command ./ltib builds the entire source, ie., uboot, kernel, & filesystem, and this  build takes lots of time, I want to do the driver related changes for my development in uboot, kernel every time ,  build & flash only uboot or kernel or rootfs


2. Does the command ./ltib -p boot_stream.spec -f rebuilds only .sb files or entire uboot.bin, uImage & other binaries , if ./ltib -p boot_stream.spec -f rebuilds .sb files, uboot.bin, uImage , can we directly delete the already flashed binaries from boot folder in SD card & replace with the latest builded binaries, without formating or using mk_mx28_sd script


3. Could you please let me know how to build uboot , kernel, filesystem source separately with their tool chains,  build command & flash on the target respectively


4. Could you please let me know how to boot using TFTP detailedly once again as because when I connect the ethernet cable to the host linux pc (ubuntu 10.04, 64 bit) & to the i.mx28 board (with no other internet connections), & flash only uboot onto the board & stop in uboot prompt & set the ip address for host pc,  the ip address for the board & tried to ping the address I get Network Unreachable


Could you please do the needful in resolving the above queries & would be greatly appreciated , With this I hope the setup would be ready for my development activites


Thanks in advance