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memory layout - 'Physical memory allocation error!' - Wandboard-solo

Question asked by Thomas Senyk on Sep 9, 2013



for a while now I try to get 1080p playback within QtMultimedia (using gstreamer) to working on Wandboard-solo.



The core problem is that as soon as gstreamer tries to allocate the pipeline, the kernel errors occur:


[  222.738637] Physical memory allocation error!

[  222.759710] Physical memory allocation error!


(I don't have the complete kernel log at hand right now, but if it's useful I can provide it)


On application side the gstreamer-error is:

[ERR]   mem allocation failed!


It's workign flawlessly with 720p



I've tried the wandboard mailinglist:!topic/wandboard/XvF_kjEKC2c

.. without success


There is also another thread here where this discussion started:

(as it's marked answered and its' a bit overloaded, starting a new thread made sense)


gst playbin is working, but only(!) if frame-"bufferplus" is reduced from 6 to a lower value .. but:

1. This is only working with a plain gst-launch, not when gstreamer is running within QtMultimedia (I assume it's the fact that someone else is allocating OpenGL memory, but I'm not sure)

2. It makes the gstreamer pipeline unstable



So my conclusion is either:

A: This is a HW-limitation of 512mb i.MX6 board,s which would mean there is no clean way to combine 1080p and OpenGL based application (e.g. QtQuick2.)

B: There is a problem with the memory layout in the wandboard-solo kernel




Anyone an idea?