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DSPAUDIOEVM with DSP56371 How to control via RS232

Question asked by Raf Van Der Velden on Jul 24, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2007 by David G Dicarlo
I'm working with a EVM motherboard and a 371 daugtherboard.
It's the intention to work without the framework. And I'm currently running a passthrough application
debugging is done via Parallel port.

I now want to implement the a 10BandEquilizer like in document DSP56311_Implementing10BandsEqualizer.pdf

Problem is to change settings.
Is it possible to control the application via RS232 ?
RS232 is connected via the DEBUG MPU to SHI of the DSP. But I canot change the code of the MPU.

Another question: is the 56371 allready supported by codewarrior? And does it bring a contribution?

Thanks in advance