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Trying to run WEC2013 or WEC7 Newbie to WEC BD-SL with capacitive BD screen

Question asked by Rodney Fulk on Sep 6, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2013 by Rodney Fulk

Ok I followed the directions to get my board to boot from the SD card and I get the boot loader seemingly fine.


I have tried the WEC2013 images as well as the default WEC7 1.6 binaries (Not the HDMI or hotfix version of WEC7)


Both seem to make it through the boot loader (I get a picture on the screen that moves around while it is loading. Says i.MX6Q Freescale powered)


They both seem to load the OS image if I am reading the console correct.


They both stop at "Connecting to Desktop".


I am trying to just get the screen up and running as a test to try out the responsiveness of the board under WEC.


I am using the BD-SL board and using Boundary Devices LVDS Capacitive screen for my board.

At this time I am only hooking the Console to my PC and do not have a development system setup to access the board. I have the Lan socket hooked to my network switch and it can access the internet. I do NOT have a USB cable hooked from the PC to the BD-SL board.


If I hook an HDMI screen to this board will it make a difference? Or do I need to load the necessary development system to the board as well to get the Demo to work?


I am hoping having an HDMI screen hooked to it will make the difference but at the moment I do not have an HDMI screen easily available to me. I just want to play around with the WEC before I figure out if I want to use it or not. I have an application that runs under Standard .Net 3.5 that I am considering porting to .Net Compact if it makes sense on these boards. I am also looking to port it to Linux with Mono or Android with Dot42 but want to see if I might have good luck with WEC2013. At this point I am using my BD-SL board as more of a software development tool than a hardware development tool.


Thanks for any help!


Rodney Fulk