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question about internal clock trim on kl05z32

Question asked by wang baode on Sep 5, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2013 by wang baode

I want to trim internal clock of KL05Z32.In reference document,I find AutoTrim machine.

my question is as follow:

1,is it right that the module must need a external clock? if  there is on external clock in my board,can I trim internal clock?

2,How to trim the internal clock in freescale factory?

3,in reference,cpu will copy some value in flash to register.

But I create a new project.and i debug it with codewarrior10.3.I find 0x3fe-0x3ff is filled with 0xff.but MCGC3,MCG_C3 and  MCG_C4(bit5:0) is not 0xff.Why?




4, will the trim value in flash  be erased when I program my new program?

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