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IIC on S08DZ60, problem setting MST-bit in IICC1 register

Question asked by Johannes Philippi on Jul 24, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2007 by Johannes Philippi
I do not manage to set the MST-bit in the IICC1-register of my uC.  I'm using the software example of the HCS08QRUG users guide. I adapted all registers to the DZ60. Compilation is successfull.
When trying to debug in BDM with the Multilink, avery time I write IICC1_MST = 1 the bit is not changing.
Code for initialization of IIC-module in master-mode:
  IICF = 0x40;   // Set IIC frequency,100kbit  (4MHz oscillator)   IICC1_IICEN = 1;    // Enable IIC             IICC1_IICIE = 1;    // Enable IIC interrupts    IICA = 0xC0;        // IIC Address                   I2C_STEP = IIC_READY_STATUS;     I2C_DATA[0]='A'; // test data   I2C_DATA[1]='B';  I2C_DATA[2]='C';//want to set my controller to be master, to send smth afterwards...  IICC1_MST = 1;   

 In this last line the MST-bit  is not changing.
What do I do wrong?