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Question asked by Niklas Molin on Sep 5, 2013
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I have just received a Sabre Lite board and trying to boot from the SSD drive (SATA connection).

I managed to mount the SSD drive when running a LTIB image, when booting up from the SD card (use the image provided from (


Then I formatted the SSD in ext3 format (in Ubunut).

mkfs.ext3 -L ltib /dev/sdb

after that I mounted the disk and got /media/ltib

Then I unpacked the LTIB image into the SSD drive:

sudo tar zxvf ltib4-no-x-20130618.tar -C /media/ltib/


But when I boot up my SABRE Lite card (without the SD card) it seems like it is trying to boot from the SSD, but I get following messages:


SATA Device Info:

S/N: FF180738082600047077

Product model number: BP4 mSATA SSD

Firmware version: S8FM06.1

Capacity: 62533296 sectors


SATA device 0: Model: BP4 mSATA SSD Firm: S8FM06.1 Ser#: FF180738082600047077

            Type: Hard Disk

            Supports 48-bit addressing

            Capacity: 30533.8 MB = 29.8 GB (62533296 x 512)

... is now current device

** No partition table - sata 0 **

** No partition table - sata 0 **


It seem like it doesn't like the partitioning on the SSD.

Do I need to create the bootable image on the SSD drive in a different way?