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write protection set, cannot erase

Question asked by Ivan Rusnacko on Sep 5, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2013 by Alberto Vargas Rodriguez

Hi, when I try to program KL05 kit in Keil, it says Erase failed(no matter if full erase or sections erase). I know that FSEC byte is 0xFE so Mass Erase is enabled and it is unsecured. The problematic firmware which stays in flash had set the write protection to first 8 kB of flash. Also, there was a Program longword command at 0x409 in which it went to Hardfault IRQ.


I can debug that firmware and see the memory conent, so I know that FSEC byte is ok and first 8 kB are write protected.

But Keil doesnt ask me to mass erase, so how can I do it manually? Or is there any possiblity to save that kit?