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S12DG256 - Trying to flash page 3F in program.

Discussion created by daniel herve on Jul 24, 2007
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I want to load my S12DG256 program from a external memory(sd card)and re-flash my the Page 30,,,35 and 3F.

I try to put all the code used for this in the Page 36.
But my program use the rtshc12.c function like _LCMP.

Can I move theses functions from page 3F to Page 36 and how to do it?

code :

#ifdef __cplusplusextern "C"#endif#pragma NO_FRAME#pragma NO_ENTRY#pragma NO_EXITvoid _LCMP (void) {__asm {CPD 4,SPBEQ L1PSHXXGDXSBCB 5,SPSBCA 4,SPXGDXANDCC #0xFB ; clr zPULXBRA doneL1: CPX 2,SPdone:PULY ; load return addressLEAS 4, SP ; release stack argumentsJMP 0, Y}}


I try to use :

but it does nothing.


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