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Qt debugging on yocto I (running on sabrelite)

Question asked by Diego Gonzalez on Sep 5, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2013 by Diego Gonzalez /Jose Ferreiro

Hello everyone!

I'm writing here to expose a question about QT debugging on yocto using sabreliteimx6 .I can run perfectly my application on my board using yocto (dylan). However when I try to debug my application and add an expression evaluator

( I want to see a variable value) the compiler logs tells me :

<484bb options:fancy,autoderef,dyntype vars:watch.4 expanded:return,local,watch,inspect typeformats: formats: watchers:772377617463682e332323692377617463682e3223236a2377617463682e3323236a3d332377617463682e312323612377617463682e34

>&"bb options:fancy,autoderef,dyntype vars:watch.4 expanded:return,local,watch,inspect typeformats: formats: watchers:772377617463682e332323692377617463682e3223236a2377617463682e3323236a3d332377617463682e312323612377617463682e34\n"

>&"Undefined command: \"bb\". Try \"help\".\n"

>484^error,msg="Undefined command: \"bb\". Try \"help\"."

dDUMPER FAILED: 484^error,data={msg="Undefined command: \"bb\". Try \"help\"."}


As you can see the GDB don't recognize bb so if I type the command help



>~"List of classes of commands:\n\n"

>~"aliases -- Aliases of other commands\n"

>~"breakpoints -- Making program stop at certain points\n"

>~"data -- Examining data\n"

>~"files -- Specifying and examining files\n"

>~"internals -- Maintenance commands\n"

>~"obscure -- Obscure features\n"

>~"running -- Running the program\n"

>~"stack -- Examining the stack\n"

>~"status -- Status inquiries\n"

>~"support -- Support facilities\n"

>~"tracepoints -- Tracing of program execution without stopping the program\n"

>~"user-defined -- User-defined commands\n"

>~"\nType \"help\" followed by a class name for a list of commands in "

>~"that class.\nType \"help all\" for the list of all commands."

>~"\nType \"help\" followed by command name "

>~"for full documentation.\n"

>~"Type \"apropos word\" to search for commands related to \"word\".\n"

>~"Command name abbreviations are allowed if unambiguous.\n"



I don't see bb command.


Any idea how to fix it? Does anyone else have the same problem?


Thank you!