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MPC8313RDB demo program UART baud rate

Question asked by Anand Mistry on Sep 5, 2013
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I am new to MPC world. I am trying to run a sample hello world program on my MPC8313RDBC. I've followed AN3830.pdf as a reference to run the auto-generated hello world program (the one that prints "Welcome to Codewarrior!" on the UART1).


According to the 8313_RDB_README.txt file, automatically included in the project, the supposed BAUD rate is as belows -


    Baud Rate: 57600

    Data Bits: 8

    Parity: None

    Stop Bits: 1

    Flow Control: None


But surprisingly i am getting the output at 28800 Baud rate. I am trying to understand where i was wrong. can anybody help me out?


And also do we have some good Document that can be referred for BSP porting on MPC8313(or its brothers) ? please suggest some links


Thanks and Regards

Anand Mistry