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Input capture using DMA

Question asked by Jensen Kenneth on Sep 5, 2013
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I really have have a lack of understanding how to setup and use DMA for input capturing. How do define the registers to be written to and how do I get the values?


First of all, my problem is that I am trying to capture input signals on an IR and i figured out that i needed something to capture high frequency signals. (>450kHz) becouse of the overhead and becouse that very little code also takes too much time in the ISR.

I tryed with dual edge capture also, and by that I get very precise values, but it skips the time between the periods, becouse each channel caputere every second rising edge. Anyway. If you have any inputs or can help me out setting up DMA for input capture I will appreciate it.


I really miss some good examples on how to setup the diffrent times. I am working with a K60 using uTasker. Thanks in advance.