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SGTL500 Audio Device - Line-In Not Working

Question asked by Paul DeMetrotion on Sep 4, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2013 by Paul DeMetrotion
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I am currently debugging a custom SBC that utilizes the i.MX6Q processor. The device supports and HDMI audio and an external SGTL5000 audio device. The board provides Line-Out, Headphones, Line-In, and Microphone connections. The speakers and headphones work fine but I cannot get the microphone or line-in to work. Following is the behavior I see:

  • Hear sound from speakers when speakers selected
  • Hear sound from speakers and headphones when headphones selected
  • See volume meter move when microphone is used but cannot hear through speakers
  • Hear nothing when I hook up an iPod to the line-in – Have no selection


Do the line-in and mic functions need to be set up in my custom board file? This is what I have now.


static struct
mxc_audio_platform_data mx6_sbc35_c398_audio_data = {

        .ssi_num = 1,

        .src_port = 2,

        .ext_port = 5,

        .init = mx6_sbc35_c398_sgtl5000_init,

        .hp_gpio = -1,

        .mic_gpio = -1,