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Fastboot to flash file size bigger than 512MB

Question asked by William Tung on Sep 4, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2015 by Michael Robbeloth



I verified the fastboot with a system.img (280MB) and confirmed it's working correctly (download and flash OK).

When I tried to use fastboot to flash the system.img (512MB), I saw two different errors:


1. FAILED (remote: data too large) on PC and send: FAILdata too large on iMX6

when I set


#define CONFIG_FASTBOOT_TRANSFER_BUF_SIZE 0x14000000 /* 320M byte */

I assumed it's because not enough transfer buffer and increased the size, but got #2 error below


2. FAILED (data transfer failure (Unknown error)), fastboot exits on PC and the iMX6 stuck on receiving data with 8~9 dots (.........)

When I set

#define CONFIG_FASTBOOT_TRANSFER_BUF    0x48000000

#define CONFIG_FASTBOOT_TRANSFER_BUF_SIZE 0x22000000 /* 320M byte */

Does anybody see the same failure before? Please help determine whether PC or iMX6 causes the problem. Thanks.