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Strange behaviour of KL25 ADC0

Question asked by Wolfgang Dietz on Sep 4, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2013 by Hui_Ma

Hi everybody@ freescale community,


we are using K- and KL-line Kinetis MCUs since a short time and are really enthusiastic about the possibilities, esp. the 16-bit AD converter .

Unfortunately we ran into a problem with the KL25 (MKL25Z128VFM4) we could not solve despite of several days of testing code variations. Due to the Family Reference Manual the ADC should be able to convert 2 input signals using SC1A and SC1B register in the "Ping-Pong-mode" described. But - whatever we configure, only the input specified in SC1A is converted.   We used Processor Expert for code generation of the ADC test code only, configured and selected static sample groups and used PIT HW triggering.

By the way- PE obviously generates buggy code since the AIEN bit is not set for the first channel (SC1A), which leads to no triggering at all. Defining a single channel sample group works correctly.

But back - has anyone an idea what could be missing in our (PE´s) code to get the two channel being converted "Ping-Pong" like?


Many thanks to all Kinetis enthusiasts in advance for clearing the fog.