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Does anyone use UART3 of MX53 WinCE7.0 ?

Question asked by Alexander Wy on Sep 2, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2013 by Alexander Wy

Hello,  I'm working to test UART3 of MX535 based on WinCE7,  i have used the different pins as RXD and TXD pin on customer board (originally on Freescale board, treat PATA_CS_1 as RXD, and PATA_CS_0 as TXD, now on our customer board, EIM_D25 as RXD, and EIM_D24 as TXD), though I have modifed IOMUX in the file of bspserial.c (changed PATA_CS_1 as EIM_D25, and PATA_CS_0 as EIM_D24), but I still failed, does anyone succeed it and share your experience?   Thx.