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i.MX25 security and other questions

Discussion created by Paul Wang on Sep 2, 2013
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we are using imx258 as the main processor for a project.  when tried to build modules in drivers/mxc/security, we met a lot of troubles.  since could not find any resources in google, sincerely hope someone can give us answers to the following questions in this forum


1. should we use rng/shw_driver(.c) as our main tool to bridge user and kernel spaces programs?


2. scc2_driver can be used for imx258?

    if the answer to this question is "NO", please, ignore the following 3 questions and jump to question 6 directly


3. if so, it is easy to see that some important functions such as shw_handle_scc_encrypt() and shw_handle_scc_decrypt() in shw_driver.c are totally useless if flag FSL_HAVE_SCC2 is not defined.  since turning the FSL_HAVE_SCC2 on will call functions in scc2_driver.c, does this mean we must use scc2_driver.c?


4. there is an "old" version driver for scc (mxc_scc.c) having a lot functions also defined scc2_driver.c and this implies that they are mutually exclusive, doesn't it?


5. when we disabled FSL_HAVE_SCC and enabled FSL_HAVE_SCC2 we got trouble with "keystore" in fsl_shw_keystore.c.  in mxc_scc.c key storage struct key_slot which is only applied in mxc_scc


6. finally, is the following function in dryice.c  implemented correctly?   it seems endless.


    static void try_to_clear_wef(void)


        int cnt;

        while (1) {

            di_write(DSR_WEF, DSR);

            for (cnt = 0; cnt < DI_WRITE_LOOP_CNT; cnt++) {

                if ((di_read(DSR) & DSR_WEF) == 0)



            di_warn("WARNING: DryIce cannot clear DSR_WEF "

                "(Write Error Flag)!\n");