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Egui adapt for other driver LCD

Question asked by Daniele Cortellazzi on Aug 30, 2013

Hi, in this days i'm trying to use the library eGui for other driver LCD. I have seen that what i have to write are the low_level_drivers, but for the moment i use the file template where i have added the only return 1 in the function that need this. So i created a dummy driver that didn't command any GPIO. The problem is that when i call D4D_Init() the system crash (the dummy thread is called) and the debugger stop to work. I'm using Mqx 3.8. In particular the function that crush is the D4D_InvalidateScreen(pNewScreen, D4D_TRUE); in d4d_screen.c that is called from D4D_Init(). The build of the project didn't do any error and in this function isn't used the driver for the low level. I have just include the common_source (es d4d_screen_about.c in the project). What can be the problem? thanks!!