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i.MX6 Secure Boot HAB API within U-Boot calls freezing

Question asked by Tim Stableford on Aug 29, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2013 by dwc

I'm trying to call HAB API functions from within U-Boot on an i.MX6DL Quick Start board (Rev B3) and each time I do, U-Boot freezes (2009.08).
U-Boot has been booted using HAB and is at this point working and has the hab_status command from , this however, does work.

The first function I'm trying to call is hab_status_t(* entry )(void) - which I'm defining by doing this:

#define HAB_RVT_STATUS_ENTRY (*(uint32_t *) 0x00000098)

typedef hab_status_t hab_rvt_status_entry_t();

#define hab_rvt_status_entry ((hab_rvt_status_entry_t*)HAB_RVT_STATUS_ENTRY)


And then I'm calling hab_rvt_status_entry(); - this is where is freezes.

Other don't work either, I have tested status exit, status check, and image entry.


Any help or ideas would be appreciated